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Now available: MetaDirectory 4 Enterprise

The original – new with user administration and rights management for cloud scenarios

"By migrating from server to user-based licensing, deploying the MetaDirectory 4 Enterprise is now much more attractive and affordable for small businesses," says Joachim Frenzel, product manager at estos. Since 1st June 2017, the MetaDirectory 4 Enterprise is officially available. 


How does MetaDirectory 4 Enterprise work?

MetaDirectory brings together a company’s distributed contact information and processes it into a standardized information directory. Through the use of MetaDirectory, all relevant data is available to the company's employees at all times. 

What new features does MetaDirectory 4 Enterprise offer?

  • A new user-based licensing model, which makes the use of MetaDirectory particularly appealing for small installations. The previous "per server" licensing has been cancelled. 
  • Improved performance through 64-bit architecture.
  • Support for Internet Protocol Version IPv6 (IPv4 is still supported).
  • New webservice-based replicators for Salesforce CRM, Google Apps for Work, and Microsoft Dynamics365.
  • Increased security through the new user management (the user-specific access control protects sensitive data). 

What additional options does the MetaDirectory 4 Enterprise offer?

In conjunction with the Unified Communications & CTI Software Suite ProCall Enterprise, the use of MetaDirectory is the foundation for business process integration. The combination of communication functions within existing business processes, already shown in the leading CRM or ERP application, improves employee efficiency. Callers can be directly greeted by name, and other actions, such as picking up an order, can be initiated immediately from the dialog box with just one click.  The improvement of a company’s information and communication processes is also one of the objectives achieved by means of digital transformation. For a long time, estos has offered small and medium-sized companies solutions, as well as a starting point to benefit from the digital transformation.  Learn more about digital transformation with estos. 

Who will be interested in MetaDirectory 4 Enterprise?

The use of MetaDirectory (for example, in combination with ProCall Enterprise) allows companies to display to employees all relevant caller information, which is already available within the company’s data sources, for any incoming calls. This facilitates a targeted approach to the customer, as well as ensuring the employee’s daily work is less complicated. This allows you to switch directly from the dialog box to another application, such as a CRM or ERP program, without having to actively search for it, and open it parallel to the telephone conversation. MetaDirectory is also useful when a company is looking for a way to start a call directly from a database. 

Is this contact data integration also available for Skype for Business?

Because of our long-standing collaboration with Microsoft – estos has achieved Gold Partner Application Development competency – we also offer companies that use Microsoft Skype for Business, the opportunity to integrate any contact data from CRM or ERP programs into the Skype for Business Client. For this, estos offers its own product, the Contact Kit, of which MetaDirectory is also an integral part. 

How is MetaDirectory 4 Enterprise available?

MetaDirectory 4 Enterprise can be obtained directly from us or our sales partners such as ITK Distributors, qualified retailers and trained system integrators. 

Is there a comparison between the versions MetaDirectory 3.5 and MetaDirectory 4 Enterprise?

 Yes, a version comparison as well as further information about MetaDirectory 4 Enterprise can be found here.