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ProCall One R2
ProCall One R2 is the new office productivity software for single user, small offices and home offices

It supports professional groups e.g. freelancers and sales managers to handle their communication via e-mail and telephone. Moreover, ProCall One R2 allows all users  to integrate with Bluetooth with a smart phone and/or bluetooth-enabled mobile phone.


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ProCall One R2 has been designed with functions such as Computer Telephony Integration (CTI), smartphone integration via Bluetooth, contact data searches and management, call log and call planning as well as the integration of web applications (e.g. Microsoft CRM) for Windows PCs.

ProCall One R2 is a single-workstation CTI solution (1st party) offering all key basic and comfort telephone functions such as dialing, pick-up, hang-up, enquiry, toggling and call forwarding. 

When calls come in, all available contact details are compared with the incoming calling number and the matching contact information is displayed.

Bluetooth integration with ProCall One R2

ProCall One R2 provides users with the integration of smartphones and Bluetooth-capable mobile phones. This computer smartphone integration provides a level of user convenience comparable to a phone paired via Bluetooth in a car. It allows the use of all CTI functions and the control of the smartphone.


Features of ProCall One R2
Computer telephony integration

Computer telephony integration

Control the telephone with your PC.

Avoid having to manually type a caller’s number and save time. Call your colleagues, business partners and suppliers directly using the ProCall One R2 software, e.g. via hotkey dialing from all Windows applications, via Click2Dial or directly via the found contact.

CTI convenience features

CTI convenience features

Operation of one or two lines. 

Dial, hang-up, accept, hold, toggle, query, connect, pick up, forward calls, programmable actions, set internal/external call diverts, fee display, call preparation, call scheduling (with reminder function) and call log with notes function.

Microsoft Outlook integration

Microsoft Outlook integration

  • Easy and powerful search function
  • Name resolution via pop-up window
  • Open the original contact card in calls
  • Access to local/public folders
  • Open the journal during calls
  • Direct adoption of contact details
  • E-mails for unanswered calls
  • Access to public Exchange folders

    HCL Notes integration

    HCL Notes integration

    • Access to Notes contacts
    • Simple and powerful search function
    • Name resolution via pop-up call window
    • Open the original contact in calls
    • Access to local contact folders
    • Direct transfer of contact details
    • E-mails for unanswered calls
    • Optional: integration via SDK

            Pop-up call window

            Pop-up call window

            See who's calling.

            Respond in a more targeted manner to callers' enquiries and save time. Using the pop-up call window in ProCall One R2, you can see which of your colleagues, business partners and suppliers are calling and offer them a personal greeting. 

            Your contact databases

            Your contact databases

            Integrate contact databases and telephone books.

            Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Navision, DATEV, Steps Business Solutions, SAP Business One and all LDAP or ODBC enabled databases, telephone book CDs, CRM and ERP systems and various specialist applications.

            Other new features in ProCall One R2
            CTI with smartphones and mobile phones

            CTI with smartphones and mobile phones

            First party call control via Bluetooth. ProCall now allows smartphones such as the Apple iPhone or Android devices, but also classical mobile phones, to be integrated into the ProCall Client via easy Bluetooth pairing for call management.

            64-bit compatible

            64-bit compatible

            Compatible with 64-bit operating systems and Microsoft Outlook. Enhanced performance and the certainty that the product will continue to operate smoothly, even in the event of a future switch-over.

            Multilingual client

            Multilingual client

            Use your ProCall One R2 in various languages. This works perfectly with your colleagues abroad.

            Call diversion for appointments

            Call diversion for appointments

            Simply enable call divert if you are in an appointment. Your calls will then be forwarded to your nominated contact.

            User-defined index file

            User-defined index file

            Create your own favorites and more. Customize the ProCall One R2 client just the way you like.



            During a call, you can see directly where your contact’s company headquarters are located and easily plan any customer visits. 

            Kuando BusyLight integration

            Kuando BusyLight integration

            Green, red or yellow-green – the Kuando BusyLight always shows your colleagues whether you’re currently on a call or available.

            DATEV integration (via MetaDirectory)

            DATEV integration (via MetaDirectory)

            Transfer call notes directly to your DATEV application, allowing you to document the call duration and more.

            Optional products

            ProCall One R2 is optimized for integration with Microsoft Outlook and IBM Notes. For backwards searches, contact data can also be integrated via ODBC and LDAP as well as telephone book CDs such as 'Das Telefonbuch' and twixtel.

            Telephone book integration for contact searches and reverse lookup

            With new clients, would you also like to see who is calling you before you pick up the phone? If so, then the connection of

            public telephone directory

            providers will benefit you. The optionally available MetaDirectory extends the possibilities for integrating contact details even further.

            Technical requirements

            • TC system or telephone with MS TAPI-compatible driver (or CSTA/uaCSTA*) 
            • Smartphone or typical mobile phone with Bluetooth

            PC workstation – hardware

            • PC with 2 GHz
            • 1 GB of memory
            • 1 GB free hard disk space
            • Bluetooth interface (optional)

            PC client – software

            • Microsoft Windows® 8.1 (x86/x64)
            • Microsoft Windows® 10 (x86/x64)

            Optional environment

            • MetaDirectory from version 3.0
            • Microsoft Outlook® 2007/2010/2013/2016
              (no Click2Run installation)
            • Supports Outlook 32-bit and 64-bit variants
            • Office 365/Exchange WebService (EWS)
            • IBM Notes 9
            • Telephone book integration (CD/DVD/network installation)

            Supported smartphones

            • Apple iPhone®
            • Samsung Galaxy®
            • Nokia Lumia®

            For the integration of smart phones/mobile phones, an already coupled (paired) device is required. The device must support the Bluetooth Hands-Free Profile (HFP) and Phone Book Access Profile (PBAP). Not every device supports simultaneous Bluetooth pairing with a headset.

            Information material

            Technical documentation



            Optional products

            You want to include contact databases
            for reverse searches? The MetaDirectory
            merges various contact data for ProCall
            Enterprise. It standardizes names,
            addresses, call numbers and customer-
            specific information and enables effective
            searches with customizable results.

            More information

            Telephone directory integration

            As a result of the additional connection of external
            telephone directory providers such 'Das Telefonbuch',
            Herold, twixTel, Swisscom Directories or the klickTel server,
            the contact data of these network installations or
            WebServices can also be directly accessed.

            Collaborations and certifications