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ProCall 6 Enterprise
Service Release 4 

Your satisfaction is very important to us: In order to be able to use the softphone and the mobile app more conveniently, as well as being able to use them with other telephone systems and to make the software even more stable and powerful, we have Service Release 4 for you!


ProCall Enterprise 6.4

New features

  • Mobile Apps: Forwarding in the apps (iOS and Android) possible when using the native ProCall app. Currently the contact selection is not yet possible when forwarding in the app. This feature is expected to be available by the end of November 2019.
  • Android App: Integration of the Android Connection Service. When starting the ProCall App you can choose wether the Android Connection Service should be used or not. When using the Android Connection Service, the native call window* of Android is used and no longer the native call windows of the ProCall App. Furthermore, all Bluetooth devices that are connected to the mobile phone can also be used by the ProCallo App (e.g. car handsfree kits or Bluetooth headsets).
  • Softphone for bintec elmeg be.IP Plus: All available functions for bintec elmeg be.IP Plus systems can be found in the

    functional overview

*When using the Android call window, the functions Add call, Forward call and Hold call are currently not supported.

  • Improved voice quality for the softphone: The Opus codec between the UC server and the ProCall client provides higher voice quality with lower bandwidth for the most PBX´n.
  •  Cloud PBX "Public-Beta": The cloud PBX provider Reventix and nfon** have been successfully tested with the Asterisk profile. Please note that these connections are in beta status. Prerequisite is a direct network connection to the Cloud PBX.

Functional Overview for reventix Cloud PBX (Public-Beta)

** As of September 2019: For the use of standard SIP devices, a declaration of consent for the release of SIP data at nfon must be agreed to