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ProCall Enterprise
Communicate and collaborate better.

ProCall Enterprise is a Unified Communications Software Suite for companies. It improves daily communication with employees with functions such as CTI, Presence Management, Instant Messaging, CSPI and audio/video. Using Federation, it enables networking with your contacts - interested persons, customers and business partners.


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Networking with Federation

Good relations and high availability are the basis for successful business. Both can also be mapped with ProCall Enterprise on the Internet. The software supports all the important standards and secure protocols as regards communication for the network. As a result, you always retain sovereign control of all functions and channels.

The technical basis is the concept of Federation. Find out more on the subject of Federation.




Nice to see you!

Did you have a good conversation at the trade show? Time for a follow-up? Avoid long travel times for a personal appointment. Meet your colleagues, business partners or suppliers simply in a video chat. Regardless of where you are and what terminal device you use – without barriers for your business partner. The ProCall video chat functions based on WebRTC make it possible.

Find out more about the ProCall Video Chat and why WebRTC will revolutionize the way we communicate and collaborate.

Functions of ProCall Enterprise
CTI Computer Telephony Integration

CTI Computer Telephony Integration

Control your telephone with a computer.

Save time and nerves by avoiding the annoying tapping of phone numbers. Call your contacts with just one mouse click! Anticipate the concerns of the caller. See who is calling when ringing with the pop-up window of the ProCall client. When integrated into business process-supported applications, you get realize in advance the context and have access to all relevant data.

Presence Management

Presence Management

See availability of colleagues.

Make your communication more efficient with presence management. Control your accessibility depending on the situation. Link the system with your Outlook/Exchange calendar. See the online availability of colleagues and business partners at a glance. Decide whether to get in contact by telephone, text chat or video chat or send an e-mail.

Instant Messaging

Instant Messaging

Chat and write short messages.

Respond quickly with Instant Messaging. Regardless of whether you're traveling with your smartphone or tablet or sitting at your Mac or PC workstation. Send and receive information using ProCall Chat for daily collaboration with colleagues as well as your external contacts.

Custom Tabs

Custom Tabs

Integrating web-based applications.

Web-based applications such as SaaS applications or hosted CRM, ERP or industry-specific solutions as well as intercom systems, door openers and web cameras can be integrated in the main window with individual tabs.

Connect contact data

Connect contact data

Integrate contact data and telephone directories.

Connect ProCall with leading groupware systems such as Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes and Tobit David. Integrate applications that support business operations and specialized applications such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Navision, DATEV pro, Steps Business Solutions, SAP Business One, common ODBC or SQL-compatible databases as well as LDAP-compatible systems and devices.

Desktop Sharing

Desktop Sharing

View shared documents.

Simplify collaboration with colleagues and in the team, especially over geographical distances. View shared documents and presentations without having to be at the same location or sit in the same room. Organize smaller meetings and conferences even more personally by using the functions in an audio/video session.



Improving collaboration in the company.

ProCall includes many tools that optimize collaboration. These include desktop sharing, presence management, audio/video communication, IM and the group journal. The group journal or team journal allows persons who phone frequently to gain a perfect overview of all conversations and useful information - even across the team.



Network your business.

Present yourself as a future-oriented company and network your business with Federation and the MultiSite & MultiVendor technologies. Set up your own presence domain. Make your employees easily reachable via chat, as you are used to with e-mails. But keep control over your contacts, used media and channels.

Business process integration

Business process integration

Decisive improvement of business processes.

This is how we redeem the value proposition of Unified Communications (UC) from estos. This is possible by integrating communication functions into the existing IT application environment that optimally supports the workflow of users without bossing them around.

Information Management

Information Management

Convert data into information.

Effective and efficient utilization of valuable information - this is the main task of information management. We'll show you how you can make useful and valuable information from your contact data distributed in the company and prepare it for ProCall with the aid of the MetaDirectory from estos.

Cloud Services

Cloud Services

Integrate useful cloud services

We understand cloud services as Internet-based services that are provided on highly scalable platforms when needed. The existing integration of MSN route planning or Google Maps in ProCall 3.0 Enterprise was already viewed as an integration with a cloud-based service. ProCall Enterprise 5 goes one step further here. For example, web-based applications such as SaaS applications or hosted CRM, ERP or industry solutions can be integrated in the main window with individual tabs.



Save yourself hardware.

ProCall 5 Enterprise can be optimally used with virtualized systems. This is why estos was the first German company successfully certified with its UCC solution by VMware, and is now a partner of the "Technology Alliance". However, if you decide to switch to a virtual system, you can still continue to enjoy the full benefits and opportunities of estos Unified Communication and collaboration solutions.

ProCall for Mac 

With the native ProCall for Mac OS X, small and medium-sized businesses can benefit from the proven performance features of the Unified Communications bestseller ProCall Enterprise and improve their collaboration. This version includes functions such as hotkey dial, reverse search and a call journal, Instant Messaging (chat) and presence management for Mac workstations in the company and beyond the company boundaries using Federation.

ProCall Mobile

ProCall Mobile is a native smartphone and tablet app for iPhone/iPad and Android with selected Unified Communications (UC) and CTI functions.

Once logged in, you have access to the current call list on the desk phone (journal). Call planning is also integrated. You can control your mobile extension (CTI). With Remote Office, you can use the app to dial via One Number (the cell phone number is hidden, the company number is displayed) for selected TC systems and service offers. The integrated search allows a live search of all contact databases according to contact details.


ProCall Mobile for Android

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ProCall Mobile for Apple

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CTI with smartphones and cell phones

First Party Call Control allows smartphones, such as iPhones or Android devices, as well as classic cell phones to be integrated for call control via simple Bluetooth pairing in ProCall. 

The integration means control of the telephone and the display of calls, contacts and journals. Operate your cell phone without time-consuming tapping on the display. MDM and BYOD is now no longer a problem.



Integrate telephone systems

To be able to use the full potential of ProCall Enterprise, you need a telephone system (on-site or from the cloud) that has a CTI interface which allows you to control the connected phones. The standard ideally suited for this is called CSTA. This still needs to be prepared for the Microsoft Windows world. To do this, you either get a TAPI Service Provider (TSP) from the telephone system manufacturer or can choose a professional TAPI driver-compatible middleware from estos from the  ECSTA series for common systems.

Supported operating systems

The ProCall Enterprise Server has been specifically developed for Microsoft Windows Server operating systems.

ProCall client software is available for Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OS X (pooled functions). For this purpose, native apps with special functions for the iPhone and iPad from Apple as well as Android smartphones are available from the respective app stores. VMware and Citrix support complete the offer.

Technical requirements

For ProCall Enterprise to run smoothly, a number of conditions relating to the hardware and software used must be fulfilled. The software has a few mandatory and a wide range of optional interfaces. These are almost always based on open standards. This should make the setup and use of the software for maximum interoperability and simultaneous investment protection as easy as possible for you. 

We work closely together with leading software and hardware vendors to respond quickly if support is required. Take advantage of the free trial options and expertise of our partners to ensure that our software also works as expected in your environment.

Here you can get an overview:

ProCall 5 Enterprise - System requirements

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Evaluate communication features such as CTI, smartphone and cell phone integration, Instant Messaging, audio/video or collaboration features such as Federation or desktop sharing. See for yourself how easy it is to integrate ProCall in groupware systems or business applications.


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Combination products
ECSTA series

For ProCall Enterprise you need a Windows TAPI driver for connecting your telephone system. The professional Windows TAPI middleware from the ECSTA series enables the integration of common CSTA-compliant telephone systems or telephones. See which telephone systems ECSTA middleware is available for.

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You want to include contact databases for reverse searches? The MetaDirectory merges various contact data for ProCall Enterprise. It standardizes names, addresses, call numbers and customer-specific information and enables effective searches with customizable results.

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ProCall Analytics

You want to evaluate and optimize your communication behavior? ProCall Analytics graphically represents the communication data of ProCall Enterprise and allows the analysis of potentials and bottlenecks in communication-intensive processes. Take advantage of the information gained from it as the basis for decisions.

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